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I am so EXCITED to announce Team Global is up and running as part of my Choose Different business! Team Global isn’t just a group; it is a movement. I have developed this team to help unite individuals all over the world with the same clear message. Life is worth living and it is our responsibility to do it in the healthiest way possible. One way for us to achieve this goal is to come together with the use of doTerra Essential Oils. There is no better time to join me on this movement than during the month of September. For this month only, when you enroll with me, you can purchase one of the enrollment kits shown below at 20% off and receive a FREE one-year membership ($35 value!) and an essential oil book! Signing up is simple. Just reach out to me and we can get you on board. During a time when life can seem hectic and unstable, it’s crucial to lean in and embrace those that believe in the power of unity and want to help each other be the better person they can be. I am that person. This is one small choice that, I promise, will lead to amazing other possibilities. The world is ours and we’re in this together.

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  • Laurie Reimel

    Your words are SO unbelievably inspiring. “It is a movement,” indeed. Thank you for leading the pack. ❤️

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