“Jessica is amazing! She’s genuine. She’s supportive, and she listens. She shows up 100% and has a heart as big as the planet. She will turn on your light bulb moments and gently tug the wheel, to put you back on the right path. She is the real deal. Call her now!” Laurie Reimel 05/2018

“Nothing like seeing the world from a different perspective!s Yoga Trapeze with Jessica underscores how we have to keep challenging ourselves no matter our age.” Mona Costa-Mauri 05/2018

“Very inspiring! It is so important to have a healthy lifestyle. Small changes can add up to big results over time.” Alice Zakhar 11/2017

“A great way to get on track!” Tim Sneller 11/2017

“It’s pretty cool when you get to meet someone who makes the choice to help others feel good by doing something remarkable. Jessica is a Transformational ┬áHealth and Life Coach and a Yoga-Trapeze Instructor. Who’s heard of Yoga Trapeze? I didn’t know it even existed until I met Jessica. It’s exhilarating! And yet, calm and beautiful. ” Moses Farrow 05/2018